Movement is a fascination of mine. I explore it in my stop-motion animations. I see digitally expressed locomotion as 'unbelievable' because it was created inside a computer; it’s too smooth and measured for real life.  I strive to capture movement in both analogue and digital formats. The symbiosis is a needed mode of expression; we are evolving with our technology.

I make stop-motion animations.  I create video installation and use Visual Jockey software to remix and manipulate prerecorded clips in real time. The resulting puppet ‘movements’ are an ever changing ‘in the moment’ investigation of momentum.

  My puppets and sets are handcrafted and imperfect and contrast sharply with the methodical, mathematical way they are presented digitally. The reanimated images are given new life in live performances. I entice the viewer to question the familiar, seamless digital world which we are so intimate with. As Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, relays to Victor Frankenstein “You are my creator, but I am your master; Obey!”  


Hannah Rossi